Rural Missouri Article on Hickory Hills

The publication Rural Missouri ( recently did an article on Hickory Hills Veterans Lodge entitled Healing in The Hills. It starts out…

For Kansas City-based roofer and remodeler Orin Jackson, the past 18 months have seen a lot of hard work done and progress made on his property near Green City. Some folks have their hobby farms and others want to build a new house out in the country, but Orin had a different dream in mind when he started building. Inside the 1,200 square feet that is Hickory Hills Veterans Lodge, there’s a big purpose at work.

“There’s become almost a cottage industry out there of programs with activities concerning veterans,” Orin says, “but none with a tangible place to receive treatment for PTSD or deal with traumatic brain injuries or physical injuries, which many of our nation’s veterans are suffering from. And none with a place built exclusively for this purpose — all while relaxing and enjoying life.”

You can read the full article by clicking this link: Healing in The Hills