Mission Statement of Hickory Hills Veterans Lodge

Double exposure of saluting soldier on USA grunge flag. Patriotic designAt Hickory Hills Veterans lodge our goal is to give a helping hand up to our veterans in need, using a multiple of the empowering programs, established and used over many years. Our self-help programs prove to be beneficial with helping restore lost confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance just to name a few. These are traits already instilled and engrained through training into our brave men and women in uniform, but may have been damaged by the stress associated with deployment and sometimes combat. Together as a team we will build trust and work towards the goal of lending a helping hand to any veteran in need. Veterans will be welcomed at Hickory Hills Veterans Lodge and made to feel like they are a part of something meaningful, which has a lasting purpose. Peer support is paramount here at Hickory Hills, and there is an amazing group of people ready to be a part of the experience for the veteran using our facility.

Not every veteran is wounded and broken in spirit however, and at Hickory Hills Veterans Lodge we are not just about mentoring and providing help. We also learn from these veterans who teach us values like courage, commitment, honor, integrity and what the word TEAM means. These are not just words on paper, but rather a way of life taught to our military men and women in uniform and which are showcased by their everyday performance all around the world. I personally have been privileged to be a part of the military family. A family which not only takes care of “it’s” own, but which has included  and allowed me the opportunity to be around, and share the values I use and enjoy in my life. These character traits displayed by our veterans, is the very reason and motivation behind why I am working to make Hickory Hills Veterans Lodge bigger and better than ever.